Managed Disaster Recovery & DRaaS

Disaster Recovery Plan

Considering the speed at which business move, every organisation, no matter what the size, should have an actionable disaster recovery plan in place.

Allteks Ltd provides the latest in disaster recovery services to protect your systems from losses caused by major disruptions.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes; some can be mitigated easily, some can be prevented entirely, and some are so catastrophic in nature that recovery can be impossible – unless of course, you have a solid business continuity protocol in place.

Disaster Recovery Plan Infographic

he object of a disaster recovery plan is to minimise and protect vital data from loss, enabling you to get back up and running as quickly as possible.  Also known as a business continuity plan, your disaster recovery protocol should include company specific templates and Allteks are on hand to help you to accomplish several things, including:


While protecting your employees and your property are paramount, protecting your data is a vital need. If your company’s data exists only on on-site servers or computers within your office environment, you may have little resource in the event of a disaster and you could be out of action for days whilst new hardware is configured. The financial and operational cost of such downtime can have disastrous implications for your business and with UK companies typically experiencing three business interruption event every year, this impact can be material.

With Allteks your disaster recovery and business continuity plan is an insurance against the unthinkable, It’s much more than just protecting your employees and physical assets, it’s about providing your staff and customers with a seamless experience that includes uninterrupted access to your services.

If you are ready to start developing or reviewing your disaster recovery plan, think Allteks. We have built our reputation on providing scalable business continuity solutions that just make sense.  From single server offsite backup to complete multi-site solutions, using a combination of products and services under our PeaceGuard brand that are geared toward supporting your very specific needs, our disaster recovery specialists will design and implement a protocol that will get you back up and running in no time and meet the recovery time objectives required by your applications, ensuring disruption and down time are minimised in the event of invocation.

Restore Time Objectives (RTO)


Allteks’ mission is to provide your business with fast, reliable IT infrastructure, supported by high-performance disaster recovery software. Implementing a strategic pre-planning approach to disasters is a cost-effective procedure that ensures the continued operation of your support systems.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

82% of CIOs report a gap between the availability of key applications and that demanded by the business.

To close this gap, choose PeaceGuard vDR for enterprise-grade disaster recovery for existing VMware Infrastructure, powered by Veeam. PeaceGuard is a complete disaster recovery solution that restores and maintains your most critical business functions. Combining on-site backup and cloud-based server replication technologies, this solution delivers near to seamless failover capabilities for virtual workloads.

You want a system that accurately identifies the key metrics of your Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and improves your Recovery Time Objective (RTO). PeaceGuard vDR is the top choice in risk management software, providing a comprehensive safeguarding system for your IT databases. It will minimise losses in the event of a major disruptive event. Prevention is absolutely critical to your business’s long-term success.

With no hardware to configure, no data to restore, and no tapes to manage, ALLTEKS PeaceGuard vDR protects your business with workloads restored in as little as 15 minutes.

Using the latest LAN extension technologies as well as SSL VPN based remote access options with dedicated virtual firewalls, PeaceGuard vDR provides seamless partial and complete failover.

For partial failovers, near zero reconfiguration is needed and workloads are restored completely transparently to users – with the same LAN IP address – but running in our ISO 27001 accredited, tier-3 Datacentre in Kent on our enterprise-grade VMware infrastructure.

For full site-down scenarios, staff will connect from other offices, recovery sites, or any other remote location as defined in the recovery plan, with virtual infrastructure spawned according to the plan to support the workloads with no unexpected costs involved.

PeaceGuard vDR for Allteks Powercube

Allteks Powercube, the leading single-rack converged infrastructure solution for small and medium sized enterprises, combines security, servers, storage, networking, and complete 24×7 system monitoring and management in single product, right-sized to your requirements and delivered in as little as 30 days.

POWERCUBE also includes PeaceGuard vDR as standard, providing the shortest time-to-value, exceptional RoI, and complete peace of mind that your business is properly protected.

PeaceGuard DR – Managed Disaster Recovery


PeaceGuard DR delivers and enterprise grade, cloud based disaster recovery and business continuity offering restore time objectives typically between two and six hours (depending on server sizes)

Using advanced server image replication techniques, our software continually updates replicas of the protected servers to an onsite Disaster Recovery appliance with retention.  The Data and server images are then encrypted and replicated in our ISO 27001 accredited, tier 3 datacentre in Kent.

Server images are auto tested to ensure availability at point of recovery and images are kept up to date so than on invocation your staff can continue to work as normal.

In the event of a partial disaster – defined as a failure of server(s) rather than a whole site failure (your offices are still in operation), your server(s) are brought live on your on-site Disaster Recovery appliance (with up to date data) and your network continues unhindered while the issue is resolved.  When the affected service is back in action, data and changes are seamlessly migrated back to the server without impacting your network.

In the event of full disaster recovery invocation, your replica server infrastructure is brought live in the Allteks data centre, complete with all data and configuration. We provide you with a fast, secure VPN connection to the latest copy of your server and its data, keeping your business running.  Users can connect from remote offices, their homes or anywhere else with an internet connection.

PeaceGuard Disaster Recovery is a fully managed, end to end business continuity solution.  When the time comes to migrate back to your new hardware, we will provide the expertise and engineer time to manage this process for you at no additional cost.

PeaceGuard Standard – Managed and Secure Online Backup


PeaceGuard Standard is a fully automated online backup service, providing businesses with a fast and reliable alternative to traditional backup methods. Using advanced encryption, PeaceGuard Standard securely backs up your business data to the cloud, with services hosted in ISO 27001 accredited, UK datacentres. Set your backups to run whenever you like, define your own level of retention and then relax in the knowledge that your business data is safe.

PeaceGuard Standard uses advanced change tracking techniques to ensure the data transmitted over the Internet is minimised, making PeaceGuard Standard a great solution for companies with high volumes of data as well as small offices with just standard ADSL Broadband Internet. Restoring data is equally simple and fast: a few clicks of the mouse and it’s on its way back to you. Combine all this with a flat, per-server (or per-workstation) fee, PeaceGuard Standard is the best and most cost-effective way to ensure 100% of your data is protected.

Features and benefits of Allteks Managed Online Backup include:

  • Powerful security with encrypted IP backup – Data is encrypted at every step of the process, ensuring that files, system states, network shares, exchange stores, SQL server databases and application-aware VMware Snapshots remain completely secure both onsite and in the cloud.
  • Low bandwidth usage – Using data de-duplication technology, only incremental changes are backed up daily, reducing time and bandwidth resources needed to keep data stores up to date.
  • Easy provisioning – IT administrators can specify which files and folders are backed up and determine a schedule that meets the precise needs of an organization.
  • Robust reporting – Daily Safety Check monitors the success of daily backups and shows information on all backup sessions within a retention period including usage and costs, demonstrating value to the customer.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing – Costs are based on volume of data stored, enabling MSPs to profitably meet the budgetary needs of any customer regardless of their size.

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