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Allteks specialise in creating and managing bespoke IT infrastructure and support solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

As a managed IT service provider our services include end user support, server management, managed hosting services, managed security, cloud-based business continuity solutions, infrastructure design and strategic IT consultancy. That’s what makes us your complete IT service management partner.

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4 Ways A Managed Service Provider Can Help Your Business 

4 Ways A Managed Service Provider Can Help Your Business 

 IT managed service providers are fast becoming essential for businesses with between 10 and 1000 users.  For many companies and organisations, IT has become an integral part of day to day business.

From maintaining and managing data lists and invoices to scheduling meetings and online retail, having an effective IT infrastructure can be the difference between success and failure.

That’s where using a managed service provider (MSP) can help you.

An MSP such as Allteks can create tailored solutions which fit the digital needs of your business. Whether it is supporting your IT helpdesk or IT team, or servicing and managing your infrastructure to ensure that everything is running smoothly, an MSP should be integral to any long-term digital plans.

Using a service such as our Platinum Plus service, which offers a fully managed IT solution, can save you time, money. Moreover, to help your business be adequately protected and data breaches and hacks.

Here are four reasons why choosing to use an MSP can ultimately help your business thrive.

Save money

For the cost of a simple flat, monthly fee, you can ensure that you have no nasty IT surprises. Routine maintenance, support and repair fees are all included in what could be considered a straightforward service plan.

Knowing that you have everything covered, means that you can invest money that you may previously have kept aside for potential IT failures into other aspects of your business.

Imagine what you could achieve by using your emergency IT budget for training staff or expanding your reach on social media, all while a dedicated team of technicians keep your IT infrastructure ticking over.

Save time

Having an MSP at the end of the phone means that, should the worst happen, your business can be back up and running as quickly as possible. Support is available 24/7 365 days a year, providing immediate problem resolution. This means that because while our team proactively work to keep your IT running perfectly, your team can maintain their productivity.

Save resources

Leaving the specs and bytes to a team that are specialists in specs and bytes, means that you and your team can focus on what you’re good at, running your business.

Choosing to use a fully managed service provider like Allteks removes the worry of trying to fix things inhouse. No more panicked Google searches to try and fix problems or trying to make an informed choice about hardware when you’re not sure about what you need.

As a trusted service partner, you will always know that we’ll give you the right advice.

Save face

Sometimes using outdated technology and devices can be costly for your business. Whether it’s software that reduces productivity or hardware that is unreliable, an MSP will always advise you when we think that the technology you’re using is outdated or not working well for your business.

Customers don’t have time to wait anymore. Today’s buyers want the best products and services delivered as quickly as possible. Providing an excellent, quick and responsive service, means that your business will maintain a positive reputation.

Additionally, using the latest programmes and devices creates a forward-thinking and positive image of modernity.

If you would like to take advantage of all the benefits of using a managed service provider to maintain your IT infrastructure, get in touch with the Allteks team today and book your FREE 2 hour IT overview.


Allteks offers IT support and IT support from our head office in Maidstone, Kent.   Covering London and the South East as well as businesses across the UK, Allteks provide Fully Managed IT service, Co-Managed Service, Business Infrastructure, Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery, G-Cloud, Microsoft Office 365  and Voice Connectivity


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