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Why Your Business Needs Tailored Cybersecurity Tools To Keep Your Data Safe

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Why Your Business Needs Tailored Cybersecurity Tools To Keep Your Data Safe

Businesses and organisations vary from sector to sector. As a result, it stands to reason that the software and IT infrastructures they choose to use will also vary. In a world of increasingly fast-paced technological advances, combined with more sophisticated cyber threats, it’s a sensible choice to consider implementing a bespoke or tailored cybersecurity strategy.


Allteks work with many cybersecurity partners, meaning we can provide tailored security options for all of our clients. This option offers several potential benefits for our clients.


Analysing your cyber risk


To create an effective cybersecurity solution for any business, it’s first essential to analyse its potential cyber risks. For many organisations, a one size fits all approach to cybersecurity can leave them open to breaches and data losses.


A tailored cybersecurity strategy looks at how a business uses technology and identifies where there may be risks. This will also include assessing the protections that are already in place and also any gaps. By focussing on the people and technology used by a business, alongside the technology that they need, it’s then possible to plan a tailored platform of cybersecurity tools which are specifically suited to their operations.


Meet GDPR requirements


GDPR requires businesses and organisations to show how they are protecting sensitive personal data. Creating a tailored set of cybersecurity tools shows that a company has taken a proactive approach to keep their files and data safe. Also, should a data breach happen, this can be used as evidence that the Data Controller has met all their duties and requirements.


Save money


By choosing the best solutions, tailored to your organisation’s needs, Allteks can pinpoint the best services which meet your requirements. This means that you can avoid the unneeded expense of paying for services that you don’t need. But, it also allows you to add extra security as it expands or diversifies.


Peace of mind


Knowing that a bespoke and tailored system protects their data can give business owners greater peace of mind. In a world where the number of cybersecurity options available is seemingly endless, using an accredited and experienced provider to tailor a solution gives organisations one less thing to be concerned about.


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