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Cloud Computing: Why Some Organisations Are Sitting On Cloud 9.

Why Your Business needs the cloud

Cloud Computing: Why Some Organisations Are Sitting On Cloud 9.

Cloud Computing; it’s perfect for small businesses


Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly popular option for small businesses, and it’s easy to see why.

 The extensive benefits of moving over to the cloud include increased cost-effectiveness and improved productivity, with significant reductions in stress.

Here’s why SMEs across the UK are sitting on Cloud 9.


Cloud computing: Access business data anytime, anywhere.


Having the ability to access your business documents and files from anywhere is one of the biggest positives of cloud computing. With HMRC moving over to digital, cloud-based accounting software and an increase in the amount of cloud communication systems like Slack, being able to access your data and communicate with your team and customers is becoming increasingly more expected.

Using the cloud also unties you from your workspace, meaning that, if you want to, you can opt to work from home or another location.

Cloud computing: You can avoid buying IT software.


Gone are the days of buying a new laptop or PC and having to then purchase separate, expensive software to add to it. Microsoft Office 365 is now available on a subscription model, meaning you can easily add extra devices as your business grows. 

Additionally, these cloud-based subscriptions include several apps that may previously have worked separately from each other. Office 365, for example, includes conferencing and communication apps which work alongside Microsoft’s more traditional offerings.


Cloud computing: Cut back on physical IT hardware.


Before the cloud, file storage and data backup relied on your business having enough storage space on its servers and computers. With cloud-based storage and backups, that data is stored externally, freeing up your storage space and providing an extra level of protection in the event of disasters such as fires or floods.


Regular updates and reduced worry.


Cloud applications get updates regularly, meaning you won’t have to worry about computer downtime or upgrading your systems yourself. Additionally, because you pay through a subscription, you can effectively budget for your software needs and relax in the knowledge that you’re operating using the latest programmes.


Increases your business resilience.


52% of business owners have said that it would take them at least three months to recover from a disaster.  Sadly, 40% of businesses they never do. Transferring your computing to the cloud mitigates that risk, ensuring that should the worst happen your organisation still has the facilities to carry on operating.

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