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Dark Web Monitoring Service

dark web monitoring service London

Dark Web Monitoring Service

Allteks offers a Dark Web monitoring service for our clients, protecting them from the dark underbelly of the world wide web.


The Dark Web – what is it?


Almost all of us use the internet every day – for work, banking, shopping, communicating with friends – it’s an indispensable part of life. We all have our favourite websites, pages where we get our news or find out what time our train gets in. But not every part of the internet is so innocent. In fact, a considerable part of it is quite the opposite – a hidden world populated by drug dealers, identity thieves and hackers. It’s called the Dark Web, and the websites that make it up are not found by search engines. 


Estimates on the size of the Dark Web vary, but most experts believe it makes up around five per cent of the internet.



What’s the risk to my business?



The Dark Web is full of tools, that by design,  steal data and access confidential information. It does this through malware and infections, programmes that compromise your cybersecurity. Phishing attacks – fraudulent emails and websites designed to obtain personal details – are another common tool.


Dark websites masquerade as legitimate sites.  They can hijack normal online business causing disruption such as getting a refund for returned goods and harvesting bank details. Even support services such as online tutorials are sabotaged to steal data.


In short, the Dark Web can undermine the trust in your brand, disrupt your business and even directly defraud you of your takings.



How do people access it?



Getting on the Dark Web means using a Tor browser software that enables anonymous communication. Tor pushes internet traffic through a worldwide network of more than 7,000 relays. This allows a person to hide their IP address, location and usage. Website visits, online posts and instant messages are virtually impossible to trace back to the user. Tor’s purpose is to protect the privacy of its users by preventing third parties from monitoring internet activity. But it’s easy to see how people with something to hide can abuse it.



How would I know if I was on a Dark Website?



You would not usually see much difference between a website on the Dark Web and a regular website. You can reach them through a variety of Dark Web search engines.  These search engines lack the reliability of Google or Bing. Perhaps the easiest way to identify a dark website is its name. Instead of ending in .com or, they end in .onion, a reference to Tor’s original software project name, The Onion Router.


The other easy way to spot a dark website is its URL – often it will be deliberately incomprehensible and impossible to remember to make them more challenging to detect.


Everything action on the Dark Web is done anonymously. If you want to buy something, the site will have all the hallmarks of a normal online store – ratings, shopping carts, forums etc. However, the reviews hold no authority and could even be made up. Even Dark Web stores that have been around for years can disappear overnight, the person behind it popping up elsewhere under a different alias the next day.



How can Allteks help keep you safe?



We recommend utilising a full Dark Web monitoring service that alerts you if your credentials appear on the Dark Web. These services continuously scan the Dark Web for your information and alert you whenever something suspicious appears. 


These alerts don’t necessarily mean a breach has occurred, but they can be an excellent heads up that something is occurring. 


You can then create a plan of attack to prevent a security breach or reputational damage. There will be your fair share of false positives, but we firmly believe in operating in the better safe than sorry camp. 


Our team can run a preliminary scan of your domain, revealing the likely breaches in the last 36 months. 


We’ll then review that report with you and come up with a plan of action to alleviate any significant dangers. Click here to request that scan. 



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