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Allteks specialise in creating and managing bespoke IT infrastructure and support solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

As a managed IT service provider our services include end user support, server management, managed hosting services, managed security, cloud-based business continuity solutions, infrastructure design and strategic IT consultancy. That’s what makes us your complete IT service management partner.

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Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery

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At the heart of any business’ technical infrastructure is data. However, what happens if or when a disaster happens?

For some companies, a technical failure or cyber attack can be so detrimental that they can irrevocably damage their business. That’s why it’s essential to prepare for any emergency with disaster recovery and back-up solutions.


All businesses and organisations, no matter what size, should have an actionable disaster recovery plan which focuses on business continuity. If the worst happened, how long could your business survive until things were running smoothly again? Consider the lost revenue, the people unable to work, the potential loss of business and orders. By not having a recovery plan in place, you are putting your business at risk.


Allteks provides the latest in disaster recovery services to protect your systems from losses caused by significant disruptions. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Service can have your business back up and running within a matter of minutes using cloud backups. We perform full tests to consider your company’s continuity needs and tailor our solutions to find the best fit for you and your business. We also test our disaster recovery environment throughout the year, making sure that, should the worst happen, everything works as planned.


  • Our business continuity plans ensure that our clients can
  • Protect their employees
  • Continue business operations
  • Manage and mitigate incidents and potential catastrophes
  • Recover from any losses


Allteks Disaster Recovery Service and Managed IT Service is insurance against the unthinkable. We work hard to ensure that your staff and customers receive a seamless experience no matter what happens.

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