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Four Apps For Better Than Average Team Collaboration

Four Apps For Better Than Average Team Collaboration

Advances in technology mean that the way teams work and collaborate with each other is rapidly changing.

With more employees opting to work from home or away from the office, businesses must keep staff relationships alive after all the team that works well together achieves together.

Thankfully, there are a number of apps designed to ensure that even if a team member is on a different continent, they can still feel like they are sat at the next desk.

We’ve picked our four favourite apps for team collaboration


Trello is an impressive project management app which can work online and also be downloaded to phones and tablets.

Essentially it works along the same lines as a big pinboard, allowing team members to create cards for different sections of a project. You can even add deadlines, set reminders, and assign specific team members to specific cards/jobs. Documents, images and links can all be added to cards, and it can be connected up to communications apps such as Slack.

Whether you are planning a marketing campaign, completing an office remodel, or just want to keep track of clients and workflows Trello provides a colourful and easy to use interface that keeps your team up to date and informed.

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Microsoft Teams

Communication is the key to collaboration, and remote working decreases the likelihood of face to face interaction with members of your team. Microsoft Teams is the ultimate collaboration software, enabling your team to chat and web conference while working jointly on files within Office365.

Having improved app integration and the ability to add Office365 apps to team chats and video conferences creates a streamlined platform that ultimately enhances your team’s productivity.

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OneNote is Microsoft’s digital notebook app. It allows teams to work in real-time, making notes and drawing diagrams into an endless notebook. The bonus of this is it removes the need for face to face meetings and compiles all the records gathered by the team in one space.

Organisers and team members can also separate the notebook into sections and pages, tagging members as they go, creating a more productive team and reducing the need to trawl through notes that aren’t relevant. Being able to add reminders, videos and to build a to-do list also improves collaboration.

For many businesses, the Microsoft suite of collaboration apps is becoming a go-to place for remote working, particularly as Teams will soon be replacing Skype.

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Dropbox has been around for 11 years, allowing team members to share specific or entire folders with either one person or a whole group. Its intelligent system removes the confusion of back-and-forth emails and messages, by pinging users with notifications when documents are changed, uploaded, or deleted. This means that everyone involved in a project has the most up-to-date information available to them, ensuring that they are all working from the same page.

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