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Allteks specialise in creating and managing bespoke IT infrastructure and support solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

As a managed IT service provider our services include end user support, server management, managed hosting services, managed security, cloud-based business continuity solutions, infrastructure design and strategic IT consultancy. That’s what makes us your complete IT service management partner.

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We are working remotely, with a full complement of staff, with full access to all our support tools, phone lines, helpdesk, and cloud services.

We are able to assist with setting your users up with remote access, if required.

We are unable, however, to troubleshoot issues with people’s home internet or wifi – they must have a working connection to the internet before they request assistance from us.


Obviously we are receiving a higher number of calls than normal due to the amount of people requesting VPN configuration and remote working


If staff are accessing your network over VPN from their own PCs, then they must be running Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, with automatic updates enabled and working, and a working anti-virus (Windows Defender enabled at a minimum).  Anything less can put your network at risk.  Some anti-virus or security software may interfere with the VPN connection.


We can only provide limited support of end users’ PCs and laptops, and they will need to know an administrator password if they need to install a VPN client.


It’s worth bearing in mind that some cloud platforms are under much heavier load than usual, so there have been some glitches in things like Teams, Skype, conferencing platforms, etc.


Some tips for your users – please pass these on:


  • If you are using Office365 you can login to to access web based versions of Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams, etc – click the 9-dots in the top left to access the different applications.
  • If you don’t have a decent, up-to-date version of Microsoft Office on your own PC, you may be able to download it from (depending on the license your company has assigned you.
  • If your company uses Sharepoint or Onedrive, these are also available through the application menu at
  • Allteks are unable to support your home network or wifi – you must have working internet on your PC/laptop before contacting us.
  • Allteks support of personal devices is very limited.  We can’t troubleshoot hardware issues, speed issues, or applications crashing.
  • Allteks can assist in getting remote access on personal devices (subject to approval), but you will need to have administrator rights on the device.
  • Personal Windows PCs or laptops must be running Windows 8 or above, and have up-to-date antivirus installed (Windows Defender is sufficient).
  • Our phone lines and helpdesk are incredibly busy at the moment, so there may be delays in responding to issues.


If you need to raise an issue with our help desk please click here or contact here:


If you want to book an IT review, please click here or contact our office: Sales & Accounts: +44 (0)1622 763355

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