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How Cloud Computing Helps Organisations

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How Cloud Computing Helps Organisations

Many of us use cloud computing without even realising it.  Whether we’re uploading pictures on to social media or checking our online banking from a phone app, we’re operating in the cloud. 

It’s rapidly becoming apparent that switching to the cloud can improve efficiency and reduces costs.  The majority of organisations in the UK probably already use some cloud-based service, so it makes sense to make the full switch to cloud computing.



Using the cloud provides organisations with the facility to upscale their IT infrastructure as and when needed. Whether that is because of expansion or a project that requires temporary staff, using the cloud gives the flexibility to quickly and effectively upsize and downsize their IT provision.


Disaster Recovery


Using a trustworthy and reliable cloud provider can provide organisations with robust disaster recovery and improved data security. Utilising the cloud for computing and storage is particularly useful to smaller organisations who may not have the cash or expertise to create and implement their own disaster recovery system.


Automatic updates


Because the cloud works on remote servers, away from their premises, organisations no longer have to worry about software and security updates. Maintaining the system is someone else’s responsibility, freeing up valuable staff to focus on the things that matter.


Reduce costs and improve cash flow


The majority of apps on the cloud operate on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Organisations no longer have to worry about upfront costs for software and can manage their cash flow more effectively. Removing physical servers can also save energy, thereby reducing electricity bills.


Improve collaboration


Using cloud-based workflow and sharing apps such as Office 365, teams can now collaborate remotely, editing documents in real-time. With communication apps like Slack and Teams, it also means that team members can work together on projects despite being in different locations. Freeing up travel time and reducing the need to gather everyone in one place for meetings.


Document control


Collaborating online also provides increased document control because files are stored centrally. It is possible to edit documents and role back on any changes made. It is also possible for multiple people to work on the same file at the same time. This can save on mix-ups with emailed documents and edits. Ensuring that everyone who is working on a particular project remains in the loop.


Increased security


Storing data on the cloud means that a lost laptop or device isn’t the disaster it could once have been. No matter what happens to your device, you can still access your data.  If necessary, you can remotely remove access from lost laptops if they fall into the wrong hands.

If you’re thinking about switching your organisation’s computing to the cloud, contact our team to discuss a package that meets your needs.

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