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How the Allteks Virtual Office (AVO 2.0) Can Help Businesses Implement Effective Hybrid Working.

How the Allteks Virtual Office (AVO 2.0) Can Help Businesses Implement Effective Hybrid Working.

Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index outlined some interesting findings from a study of more than 30,000 people in 31 countries, analysing trillions of aggregate productivity and labour signals across Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn. Below are some stats:

  • 73 percent of workers surveyed want flexible remote work options to continue.
  • 46 percent of workforce surveyed are planning to move because they can now work remotely.

It is safe to assert that flexible working is here to stay, and with an increasing demand for a hybrid approach due to its employee benefits in the areas of flexibility, reduction in commute time and expenses, allowing more control over time schedule and working environment. In addition, benefits such as boosting employee morale, reducing employee turnover and enhancing company image as a family oriented workplace. There is a strong case for a hybrid digital strategy for your business.

There are considerations, which include social interaction, asset control and the cost impact of deploying a vast amount of hardware to employees and associates. Also there is an element of risk associated with granting access to, mission critical applications on  the company’s network infrastructure.


At Allteks, we have been working, in partnership with our customers and partners to provide a solution that addresses businesses need for a Hybrid work mode, with our new offering Allteks Virtual Office 2.0 – a secure and efficient way to access your organization remotely. Forget about hunting down emails or transporting data on hard drives; your employees will be able to access every file at home like they would in your office.


What are the benefits of this solution and why should you care?

1 . Flexibility

Any new development like installations, troubleshooting procedures and upgrades, which are known as BAU services, happen seamlessly, with no involvement of the user. Activities like virtual creation of desktops can be deployed without affecting the end-users’ productivity in any way.

2. Accessibility

All devices like mobiles, tablets, and Thin Clients can be accessed via the AVO. Due to this capability, users can access software that would not normally have been available to them, like Windows-based software packages on a Mac. Providing improved accessibility and productivity

3. BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Since the AVO is a cloud solution, the operating system of the device accessing the server is of no consequence.  Which means users can use whatever device they want giving businesses the opportunity to offer a unique BYOD service across their business.

 4. Workforce Mobility

Products such as Citrix running on the AVO platform allow the workforce to use their device of choice to access a view of their work. Hence allowing true connectivity and productivity anywhere, anytime, on any device and form factor. Improving user experience also.

 5. Cost Efficiency

The reason AVO generates so much cost efficiency is obvious.  AVO will reduce your costs by reducing labour, energy and time. Also, AVO endpoints are inexpensive while the hardware involved has a longer lifespan than a typical PC and costs less. Centralization cuts down the huge cost incurred by a virtually unlimited number of individual user licenses. Hence providing you with a guaranteed fixed cost to help with your business planning cycles.

 6. Smaller Bandwidth

Due to the solution hosting on a central server, all the information that usually would reside on a user’s computer is available to all users on the network via this central point, hence providing the same data to all users on the network and requiring a smaller amount of bandwidth, thus saving you time and money.

 7. Centralized Security, Data Security and instant backup capabilities

AVO comes well equipped with centralized security features. Data is located in a central point, secure and protected, eliminating possible points of failure or attack like virus infestation and unauthorized accessing of sensitive documentation. AVO also provisions data backup in case of system crashes, theft or loss. It is common practice in companies running mission-critical systems to deploy a virtual solution in two separate data centres. One serves as primary and the other is a backup site for redundancy. If for any reason one centre goes down due to a compromise in security or major component failure, there is an instant handover to the backup site for seamless and uninterrupted continuation of services.

8. Supports Green Initiatives, Saves Power

Due to the thin client work session consuming much less power than a desktop computer, the AVO supports green initiatives and helps to reduce the amount of energy used. Hence a unique way of reducing energy costs for the company and reducing the carbon footprint in the world.

9. Stability and Connectivity

Due to the backup and recovery policies and the universal accessibility for all clients, AVO gives direct control over the stability and connectivity of your network.


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