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How To Manage A Cloud Service Outage.

Cloud Service

How To Manage A Cloud Service Outage.

Cloud Service Outage.


With organisations increasingly relying on cloud services to act as a part of their IT infrastructure, the question now arises, what happens when the cloud service outage happens? 

Outages can happen, Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) failure in February 2017 affected not only storage but also services like Spotify and Dropbox.  Then there was a further outage the following year that affected Slack.


It’s important to remember that the cloud is essentially a number of computers and servers in the control of other people and those people are just as likely to commit an error as we are. No system is infallible, but if you run a business that is reliant on cloud technology, the onus is on you to ensure that your company is protected should a cloud outage take place.


Regularly monitor your services.


More simply put, if your cloud provider is experiencing regular outages that are costing your company time and money, it may be worth changing your cloud. Speaking to experts like Allteks can save time and worry as we continuously stay up to date with IT related news. We can also recommend the optimum cloud service for your business needs.


Create contingency plans


Things happen. No one can plan for a power outage or a natural disaster, not even cloud service providers. So, it’s essential to create a contingency plan should the worst happen and your cloud goes down. It’s advisable to design a plan before you make the move to the cloud and to test whether it works. Taking these steps will ensure that your team aren’t left twiddling their thumbs should there be an outage and that they can continue being productive during the downtime.


Consider implementing a multi-cloud strategy.


In much the same way that you might not keep all of your money in one place. Or you might have had an external hard drive to store your important files and pictures, using multiple clouds could also protect your business operations. This works in two ways. Firstly, you can back up data to another cloud service, ensuring it’s available should your leading cloud service drop out. Secondly, by utilising a multi-cloud strategy, you can make sure that different sections of your business could continue to operate. It means that you can then work on a reduced functionality for a, hopefully, a short period.


If you would like to discuss contingency plans, systems management, or are considering moving to the cloud, get in touch with our experts.


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