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If You Want Your Business To Succeed You Have To Embrace Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in kent

If You Want Your Business To Succeed You Have To Embrace Digital Transformation

When you wake up, what’s the first thing that you check? Most people would probably answer their phone and, when you think about it, that’s pretty amazing. The reason why is that for anyone born before 1983, checking our phone means that we have embraced Digital Transformation in our personal lives. There’s even a name for the generation who grew up with analogue, but now embrace digital; Xennial.


Making Life Easier

The critical thing to realise about Digital Transformation is that it just makes life easier. It’s so much simpler to shout a song choice at Alexa instead of searching through piles of CDs, or keep our calendars and diaries on our phones which remind us where we should be and when (even telling us when to leave for meetings to avoid traffic).

So, in much the same way that we admit that being able to turn our lights and heating on at home while we’re sitting in a restaurant is really helpful, and marvel at the time saved by the robotic lawnmower, we should all consider how Digital Transformation could also make a massive difference to our businesses.

Many businesses have been slow to embrace digital changes within the workplace. Deciding to add a digital component to your operations can streamline your business; increasing productivity; profit and, ultimately, helping it to grow.


The Cloud

An example of this is choosing to use the Cloud for your IT infrastructure. Integrating the Cloud into your business means that you and your team can access documents and applications on-demand, from any device, anywhere in the world.


For organisations that increasingly work remotely or for companies that require their staff to travel, having documents stored securely online not only improves productivity but also exudes a more professional and modern image. The Cloud also helps your business to stay running in the event of a cyberattack, meaning you can keep servicing your clients’ needs, as opposed to worrying that your internal servers or devices have been compromised.


Microsoft Teams

Using group chat software like Microsoft Teams can also improve productivity and staff morale. Teams allows members users to communicate more effectively with each other, letting them collaborate on documents and projects, and participate in online conferencing and web chats. Aside from keeping all of your materials in one place and showing who has edited them, the app also reduces the traditional downtime related to emailing and reduces confusion over multiple documents.

When combined with an app like Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams really comes into its own. Sharepoint is a mobile intranet programme that allows members both inside and outside your business to effortlessly collaborate. By creating team sites for each project, you can effortlessly enable team members both inside and outside your company, to securely collaborate. For example, you could create a Sharepoint for a project where the client can directly speak to and collaborate with the team assigned to them. Aside from saving time and increasing productivity, using a programme like this provides ownership for team members, and opens up direct lines of communication between them and the client. No more lost phone messages or misplaced emails.

If you’d like to discuss how Digital Transformation could improve the growth and productivity of your business, contact the experts at Allteks today.

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