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Keeping Safe With Microsoft Office 365 ATP

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Keeping Safe With Microsoft Office 365 ATP

It’s easy to panic when an email pops into your inbox from a contact you don’t recognise. It looks genuine enough, and it could be important. But what if it’s a virus, just waiting for you to click on it before infecting your entire organisation? Fortunately, there are safeguards you can utilise to protect you from these dangers, and Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection is the pick of the bunch.


What does Microsoft Office 365 ATP do?


Microsoft Office 365 ATP provides a shield, safeguarding your organisation from malicious threats within emails, website links and collaboration tools. It lets users set a level of protection appropriate to their business. Office 365 APT also provides real-time reports showing how well the threats to your organisation are being contained. It can simulate cyber attacks, testing the awareness levels of your employees, and investigate any security breaches.


It scans incoming email, and anything posing a potential threat is quarantined. Office 365 ATP can even spot an email from the account of a known contact who may have been hacked. 


The software works in a sandbox, a limited area of storage space containing only the resources it needs to do its job. It can, therefore, investigate a suspected threat without slowing down your day-to-day operations. If all’s well, the message is sent to your inbox.


If you are using collaborative, file-sharing Microsoft products such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams, ATP offers another layer of protection, identifying and blocking malicious files in team sites and libraries. 


Extra levels of protection


A live online database monitors links within emails and will automatically block access if it establishes that a link may be harmful. This means everyone – from the proficient superuser to the IT novice – is prevented from inadvertently clicking on malicious websites that can trick you into submitting sensitive information. Valid links remain accessible. Dangerous are be automatically blocked.


Office 365 ATP studies your communication habits – how you use emails and how you talk to your contacts – to develop impersonation detection algorithms. The system then raises the alarm if someone is pretending to be you.


How big a shield do you want?


You can define exactly what Office 365 ATP does. Your organisation can set up the appropriate level of protection by defining policies in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Centre. These policies determine the protection level for predefined threats and can be set at user, organisation, recipient and domain level.


How Allteks can help


Office 365 ATP comes in different packages – you may already have access to elements of it through an existing subscription to another Microsoft product. You know you want the protection, but how do you know which package is right for you – and how best to use it? The expert project managers at Allteks have bags of experience in Office 365 ATP. From deciding which plan you want to implementing and training your team. We can walk you all the way through it.


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