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As a managed IT service provider our services include end user support, server management, managed hosting services, managed security, cloud-based business continuity solutions, infrastructure design and strategic IT consultancy. That’s what makes us your complete IT service management partner.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Allteks are able to provide our clients with the latest Microsoft Office 365 products, including Microsoft SharePoint, for a single monthly subscription.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the blanket term for a series of cloud-hosted intelligent business applications. It combines components of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Users have the option to bolt on more than a dozen productivity applications and artificial intelligence tools, depending on their needs. Here are just a few examples of what Dynamics 365 can offer your business.

Your core needs


Each of the Dynamics 365 applications allows you to replace repetitive workplace tasks with streamlined, automated processes. As well as saving time, it boosts efficiency and ultimately delivers much-improved customer experience.

These processes include financial planning and reporting, logistics, human resource management, project management and marketing.

Predicting the future


All these processes are held in one place and share data with each other. This means users get far more out of the available information, deriving new insights and developing new opportunities. 

Dynamics 365 combs through your customer information and provides insights you can take action on. Artificial intelligence tools study the behaviour of your customers, examine what they are doing and even predict what they are likely to do next.

Financial management 


Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations allows managers to make confident financial decisions based on inbuilt reporting and analytics metrics. Utilising a simple-to-use interface, your finance team can quickly review financial performance and ensure global regulatory compliance.

Common data service


Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses a common data service, which means an app built for one company can easily be used at another. This keeps costs down and makes Microsoft an attractive option for businesses. Anyone using Dynamics 365 knows that every Microsoft customer can use the applications they build and populate. The suite of available applications can be seen at Microsoft AppSource.

Talent and marketing


The versatility of Dynamics 365 even extends to recruitment and marketing. It is connected to LinkedIn and can manage all areas of HR, from attracting talent to managing change programmes. Targeted marketing campaigns can be managed through via Adobe Marketing Cloud.

How Allteks can help


The design of Dynamics 365 is to provide its users with the maximum of flexibility. Its adaptability allows businesses to add applications and develop them to suit their needs. But that very flexibility can make it difficult to understand how it can best work for your organisation.

The expert project managers at Allteks can walk you right through the process, from choosing the right applications to bespoke training in how to use them. 

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Allteks is a market-leading managed IT service provider, offering IT support and solutions to businesses large and small since 2000. From our Maidstone head office, we have been serving customers across Kent, London, Surrey, Essex, Sussex and the rest of the UK since 2000. 

As well as training and help with implementation, other services offered by Allteks include:

· End-user support

· Server management

· Managed hosting services

· Managed security

· Cloud-based business continuity solutions

· Infrastructure design

· Strategic IT consultancy

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