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Allteks specialise in creating and managing bespoke IT infrastructure and support solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

As a managed IT service provider our services include end user support, server management, managed hosting services, managed security, cloud-based business continuity solutions, infrastructure design and strategic IT consultancy. That’s what makes us your complete IT service management partner.

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Microsoft SharePoint

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Allteks are able to provide our clients with the latest Microsoft Office 365 products, including Microsoft SharePoint, for a single monthly subscription.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?


SharePoint is a web-based platform that performs several essential functions within the workplace. It is an intranet browser, a cloud-based document management system and a collaboration enabler all in one. But its greatest strength is its versatility – everybody uses it in a different way to find the business-based solution they’re looking for.

It is available in two versions:

· SharePoint online; a cloud-based document storage tool that facilitates collaboration. It allows people to access, read and work on documents remotely from their laptop, iPad or phone.

· SharePoint on-premises, where documents and information are stored on internal servers rather than in Microsoft’s cloud. This is useful for organisations where regulations prohibit the storage of data in a cloud-based storage system.


Building your intranet


Internal facing websites are often the best way to convey information to staff. They can be used to publish news about personnel, make company announcements, or host useful documents. SharePoint provides the ideal platform for you to build and configure your internal-facing website.




SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office. Documents can be uploaded, then worked on by multiple users in different locations simultaneously. Whether it’s Excel, Word or PowerPoint, SharePoint lets all users get involved in a truly collaborative sense.


Storage solutions


SharePoint uses intelligent storage to put documents in the right place, to give the right people access to them and to make them easy to find. SharePoint keeps previous versions of documents so you can accurately track the decisions and thought processes behind them. Sophisticated user permissions mean you decide who can access files, restricting sensitive material to the appropriate personnel.


Making the day-to-day easy


Rotas, holiday tracking, sickness management, expenses – SharePoint tackles them all, freeing your time up for the priority projects. Automating these important tasks has been proven to reduce stress, boost creativity and save time.


You’re in charge


The beauty of SharePoint is that you can make it what you want it to be. Change it to your corporate colours, add your logo, build your content – the most successful SharePoint systems have a large amount of customisation behind them.


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To discover even more benefits of Microsoft SharePoint speak to the expert project managers at Allteks. We can walk you right through the process – from migration and implementation to bespoke user training.

As well as training and help with implementation, other services offered by Allteks include:

· End-user support

· Server management

· Managed hosting services

· Managed security

· Cloud-based business continuity solutions

· Infrastructure design

· Strategic IT consultancy


From our Maidstone head office, Allteks specialises in creating and managing bespoke IT infrastructure and support solutions to businesses across Kent, London, Surrey, Essex, Sussex and the rest of the UK. We are a market-leading managed IT service provider, offering IT support and solutions to businesses large and small since 2000.


Whether you are considering outsourcing part or all of your IT support, or are looking for an IT consultancy, we can create a bespoke solution that fits your company’s needs.


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