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Microsoft Teams Is Replacing Skype For Business

Microsoft Teams Is Replacing Skype For Business

Microsoft’s recent announcement that they have decided to retire Skype for Business and replace it with Microsoft Teams may have passed you by but could have a significant impact on the way that your staff communicate and collaborate.


Whether you currently use Skype for Business or not, Microsoft Teams has a lot to offer and is rapidly becoming central to Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office365 offering. For any forward-thinking organisation, Microsoft Teams can provide the opportunity for collaboration and communication with people both inside and outside your organisation, improving productivity and staff interaction. If you are already using or are considering a cloud-based system such as SharePoint, it is well worth considering including Mircosoft Teams within your infrastructure.


Teams has a lot to offer and reaches far beyond Skype’s current functions. In addition to instant messaging, screen and desktop sharing, web conferencing and voice calls, Teams adds:


·       Centralised managed and stored chat/collaboration
·       Integration of both internal and external content and tools
·       More extensive integration across Microsoft Office 365
·       Content management and integration


For any organisation, the change from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams will be a steep learning curve, and Allteks recommend making the switch well before Skype’s licence ends. This is because, while the two systems are similar, there are significant differences which your team will need to become accustomed.


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