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Now Is The Time To Update To Windows 10.

Now Is The Time To Update To Windows 10.

We’ve already mentioned that Windows 7’s lifecycle will be ending on January 14th 2020.



While that date may seem a long way away, it’s going to appear on the horizon very quickly, which is why it’s essential to update your systems to Windows 10 without delay.



Windows 7 will still work, and you’ll still be able to use any devices running on it. However, Microsoft will stop supporting the system with security patches and updates, which means that if you are still running Windows 7 after that date, your computer system could be at risk.



Without adequate and up-to-date security patches, your system won’t be adequately protected anymore. There is a strong likelihood that it could be hacked or suffer a security breach. We know this because security breaches happened before as a result of using outdated software when Windows XP ended its operating life.



The best way to prevent your system from being at risk is to upgrade to Windows 10 as quickly as possible. Being proactive will yield a number of benefits.



Firstly, because Windows 10 is also a Microsoft product, your transition will be pretty painless. Both systems have a similar layout, meaning that your team will be able to continue to easily navigate their devices and continue to use Microsoft programmes optimised for Windows 10.



Updating your system well in advance of the deadline will also give you the breathing space to implement any training that might be required and gives your employees the time to become acclimatised to any changes.



Making the changeover to Windows 10 early also allows you to take steps to futureproof your infrastructure.



By working well in advance of the deadline, you can spread costs and ensure that you have the budget in place to replace any outdated machines that may not transfer over to a more advanced operating system.



After all, as the saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed” and avoiding what could be a panic or rush in January means that you can focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that your data and files are secure.



Allteks are on hand to help existing clients, as well as new clients in transitioning to Windows 10. Allteks is based in Maidstone in Kent and has coverage across the UK.



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