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Recovering From IT Disaster

Allteks Maidstone Disaster Recovery

Recovering From IT Disaster

While we’re all in lockdown to protect ourselves against a global pandemic, it can be difficult – and feel inappropriate – to focus on other threats to your business. But the potential problems that loomed large before coronavirus took hold are still there. Natural disasters, employee sabotage, system failures – they’re out of your control, and they could strike at the heart of your business at any time.


We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when the wi-fi goes down. All work stops, you’ve no idea why your connection has failed, and you’ve no clue when it might be coming back on. With more of us working from home and more staff relying on unfamiliar remote technology, a disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity is more important now than it has ever been.


What are the threats?


Events that could spell disaster for your firm could come in many forms. Fire and flood are the traditional potentially catastrophic threats, but as technology has marched on, the risks have grown.


Power failure – apart from not paying your bill, pretty much every event leading to the power going off is out of your control. Strong winds bring a tree down, lightning fries the local substation or a power surge cripples the network. Without a contingency plan, all of these can leave you completely helpless and your business on its knees.

Hackers – hackers love a lockdown. As the workers of the world come to terms with communicating via Skype or Zoom and IT departments battle just to keep everyone working, less attention is paid to cybersecurity. Criminals are finding new ways to attack our businesses and steal our information, meaning your disaster recovery plan needs to restrict the amount of damage they can do to you.

Network and hardware problems – your IT hardware does not last forever. If it goes down, it’s crucial to know what the next steps are. Do you need a full update? What happens to the data on the old system? If the system goes down at night, which IT person is on duty for you to call? Your disaster recovery plan needs to answer these questions.

Internal threats – what if you discover a member of your team is selling confidential data? Or a key salesperson spills coffee on their laptop while making a crucial presentation? Do you know how to mitigate the damage caused by incidents like this? If not, you’re laying yourself open to long-lasting detrimental effects. A good disaster recovery plan can bail you out of these situations via clear guidelines and a robust operational plan.


What’s the damage?


The loss of data can kill your business. Statistics show that more than 50% of firms who suffer catastrophic data loss have closed down within two years. If your confidential information falls into the wrong hands or even if you can’t get at it because your systems have failed, you could be fined for breaching GDPR.

But perhaps the most prominent hit will be to your reputation. Trust is hard to earn,  if it looks as though you have not taken potential threats to your business seriously, maybe impossible to win back.


How Allteks can help you in recovering from IT Disaster


Allteks provides the latest in disaster recovery services to protect your systems from losses caused by significant disruptions. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Service can have your business back up and running within a matter of minutes using cloud backups. We perform full tests to consider your company’s continuity needs and tailor our solutions to find the best fit for you and your business. 

We test our disaster recovery environment throughout the year.  Ensuring that, should the worst happen, everything works as planned. Our business continuity plans ensure that our clients can:


  • Protect their employees
  • Continue business operations
  • Manage and mitigate incidents and potential catastrophes
  • Recover from any losses


Allteks Disaster Recovery Service and Managed IT Service is insurance against the unthinkable. We work hard to ensure that your staff and customers receive a seamless experience, no matter what happens.

From our Maidstone head office, Allteks specialises in creating and managing bespoke IT infrastructure and support solutions to businesses across Kent, London, Surrey, Essex, Sussex and the rest of the UK.  We are a market-leading managed IT service provider, offering IT support and solutions to businesses large and small since 2000.

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