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So You Want To Migrate To Office 365…

Migrate to Office 365 with Allteks

So You Want To Migrate To Office 365…

What is Office 365?


The productivity of most businesses leans heavily on the classic office suite of email, word processor, calendar and spreadsheet. The undoubted industry standard in providing this software quartet in an adaptable, versatile, cost-efficient package is Microsoft’s Office 365.


In short, Office 365 allows your staff to do their jobs. They can log in and access familiar programmes including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook from wherever there is an internet connection. It’s also cloud-based, which means it’s always bang up-to-date as well as secure.


Why migrate to Office 365?


Most organisations move across from whatever systems they are using to Office 365 because they want Outlook. Outlook is the market-leading email exchange, as reliable and simple to use as it is intelligent. It combines industry-standard email connectivity with an intuitive Outlook Calendar.


For people who are tired of their inbox filling up with irrelevant emails from the same people, Microsoft devised a solution. Outlook studies your behaviour toward an email and acts accordingly. If you keep ignoring messages from an individual or about a particular topic, it shifts them into another folder, decluttering your inbox and letting you get on with the important stuff. Of course, if the thought of your inbox making decisions on your behalf is annoying, you can disable the feature at any time.


What else does it do?


If you want to build a spreadsheet, Excel is the standard bearer. Feature-rich and easy to use; Excel is perfect for data analysis and budgeting. If you’ve got to present to a group of people, it’s always reassuring to have PowerPoint by your side. It allows users to create, display and convey information either very simply or with elaborate animations and videos, bringing your slideshow to life. Creating your CV? Writing a letter? Planning a project? If your users need to create a document, Word is the programme they need. There simply isn’t another word processing tool that can touch Word for its ease of use and versatility. 


But that’s not all


While most people are very familiar with the programmes mentioned above, Office 365 is made up of more than 30 applications, some of which require a separate licence. OneNote allows you to take on-the-go notes on one device and then read them on another. If your job requires you to produce a professional-looking pamphlet or brochure, Publisher will make that task simple and straightforward. And SharePoint can be used to build intranet sites, manage huge, multi-person projects or as a simple collaboration platform.


Contact us today to find out how to migrate


Once you’ve got it, Office 365 automatically becomes the backbone of every fundamental part of your operation. So it’s crucial that your move across to it goes smoothly. Allteks can guide you through every part of the migration process. We can ensure you pick the licensing options that are right for you and then set up all your users, so they are getting the best out of this incredibly versatile system.


For more information on how to migrate to Office 365, get in touch. We’ll be happy to provide you with advice or a quote.

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