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What Is Antivirus And Why Do I Need It?

Antivirus software for businesses

What Is Antivirus And Why Do I Need It?

Every business should include antivirus coverage as a standard minimum baseline for any of their security requirements.  


While it’s easy to consider the security of our physical documents (locked drawers and cabinets).  It’s also imperative that you manage the security of your digital files similarly.


 Antivirus Software


The first port of call is to invest in an effective and comprehensive antivirus programme. Antivirus software, at its most basic level, is designed to prevent attacks and stop network intrusions. However, many programmes now go far beyond this. Alongside protecting your system from viruses, which you can pick up from clicking on content from an unknown or questionable source, your software will stop other cyberattacks that you may previously have been unaware of.




While many of us now know that viruses can be picked up from disreputable sites, malware can hide in legitimate websites (read our malvertising blog) making it extremely difficult for a user to be able to differentiate between where it’s safe to browse and where there may be dangers.


Downloads from emails and the internet can introduce Trojan Horses into your system. These look like legitimate downloads but are in fact viruses in disguise. Antivirus software will alert you potential dangerous content contained in the download.  Also, in some cases, antivirus software can overcome potential user error by stopping a download. 


Peace Of Mind


Having that failsafe available to protect your data provides the peace of mind of an extra pair of eyes. Antivirus will also defend against possible infiltrations by spyware. Spyware is a virus that instead of changing the operations of your computer actually steals data and information.




Any organisation that stores client and Staff data must show measurs are in place to secure that data.  If a data breach or hack where to happen, proof that antivirus precautions were in place could prevent a fine.   The standard fine for companies that the ICO can impose for a GDPR breach where the company is found to be at fault is 20 million Euro or 4% of total worldwide annual turnover from the previous year, whichever is higher. 


If this threat isn’t enough to spur a company into action, there is also the consideration that a cyberattack can potentially disable your business, locking you out of your system and essentially rendering you unable to function.


Allteks always recommend that our clients use antivirus software as a part of their standard protection packages. If you would like to discuss your system security book your free 2-hour consultation with us today.


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