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What ISO9001 Means And Why Is It Important To You

What ISO9001 Means And Why Is It Important To You



If you take a look at our accreditations page, you’ll notice there are a lot of badges on there, all of which we are incredibly proud of.

One of the certifications listed is IS9001 which stands out as is not tech-related. It is, however, a sign that we’re the right IT company for your business.

ISO9001 is an internationally recognised standard in Quality Management Systems (QMS) which is awarded by the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO9001 is awarded to companies who consistently focus on customer satisfaction, keeping everything running smoothly and staff education.

To achieve ISO9001 accreditation and display the badge on our website Allteks had to be assessed by an external auditor and have to prove that we;

  • Continuously monitor and manage quality
  • Continually improve service and satisfy our customers
  • Focus on improving efficiency and cutting waste
  • Regularly conduct audits
  • Continually improve and streamline our operations and reduce costs.


Why is our accreditation important to our customers?



Our ISO9001 accreditation provides several guarantees and benefits for our customers.



We will always have procedures that cover the key processes of our business.


In order to maintain our certification, we have to show that we have processes in place for every eventuality. As a managed service provider, we have set procedures to deal with anything that happens to your IT infrastructure. It also means that our team follow set procedures in dealing with your problems or enquiries, so you know exactly what to expect when you deal with us.

We also have to monitor and audit our processes to make sure they’re effective. So, if something does go wrong, you can rest assured that we’ll investigate ways we could have improved our service.


We have to keep adequate records.


All records must be up to date and store securely.    By ensuring that we keep adequate records, it means that our customers don’t have to wait around for us to find their details or deal with their accounts. It also means that we run a transparent business.


We have to focus on improving efficiency and cutting waste.


To maintain our ISO9001 status, Allteks have to focus on strategies to improve efficiency and cut waste continuously. As well as the positive environmental aspects of this, it means that any financial savings made are passed on to our customers.


We have to strive for continual improvement.


While we’re keeping everything ticking over and running smoothly, we regularly review individual processes and our whole QMS to ensure that they are effective. These reviews mean that we can find opportunities to educate and train the team in new methods. Because we carry out these reviews, our customers receive the best possible service from the most qualified personnel.


If you’d like to chat about ISO9001 or any of our other accreditations, please get in touch.

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