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Why You Should Be Backing Up Your Office 365

Why You Should Be Backing Up Your Office 365

It is estimated that around 120 million businesses use Office 365 and if you are one of them you should be backing up your data. Remember when everything used to be stored on your hard drive

and you would back up your data on a CD or Pen-drive? With the introduction of cloud-based storage we seem to have forgotten how important it is to keep our data safe.

Human error

We’ve all been there, that moment when our faces fall after we’ve clicked delete. “Should I have deleted that document?” Unfortunately, Office 365 doesn’t allow for human error. In fact, while Microsoft pledges to protect your data from natural disasters and also has physical security around its servers, they won’t protect you from that whoops moment. Having a backup will.



Outlook doesn’t back up deleted emails for longer than 30 days. This doesn’t sound so bad, but when you combine it with limited email storage meaning that some users have to delete old emails to save space, this can lead to a problem. Enabling email backups can reduce the need to delete old emails and negates the risk of losing important information.


Ransomware and Hackers

While storing your data on a cloud platform can protect your business from hackers and ransomware attacks, they only true way to remain protected is to keep a separate backup. The 2016 Cyber-ware Attack proved that it takes just one phishing email to your team to undermine the security of any of your files or data. Opening just one malicious document enabled hackers to lock company data and hold it to ransom. Companies who had a backup could start afresh, those who didn’t either had to pay a ransom or start again.


You can’t afford to be without your data

In an increasingly digital age businesses are becoming more and more reliant on computers and software. From running accounts and paying staff to managing ordering systems, every business uses some kind of digital technology to function. The cost of losing that information or technology could be potentially catastrophic. So, investing in an Office365 Backup should be considered an investment, future-proofing your business from further possible attacks.

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