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Windows 7s Lifecycle Is Coming To An End: What Does That Mean To Your Business?

Windows 7s Lifecycle Is Coming To An End: What Does That Mean To Your Business?

Here’s a question, what’s happening on 14th January 2020 and could be potentially pretty destructive if you don’t do anything about it?

Windows 7s lifecycle is coming to an end.

The system will still work and you’ll still be able to use your computer, but Microsoft will stop providing support from January 2020, which means that if you are still running Windows 7 after that date, your computer system could be at risk.

Essentially Microsoft will no longer send any security patches out for these products. This means that if you or your business is using Windows 7, your system won’t be properly protected anymore and that you could be hacked or suffer a security breach.


Security breaches as a result of using outdated software have happened before, most famously to the NHS network when the Windows XP Operating System reached the end of its life. Outdated systems are a dream come true for hackers who can take full advantage of the lack of new security patches to create new viruses and easily access operating systems.


We know that January 2020 seems like a far-off date, although it is less than a year away, but the best way to prevent your system from being at risk is to upgrade to Windows 10. There are a number of benefits in taking this step. Firstly, Windows 10 is also a Microsoft product, making your transition easier. The layout of both systems is similar, so your computer will still be easy to navigate and the majority of programmes that you use will have been optimised to work well on Windows 10.


Acting now also allows you to futureproof your infrastructure early, after all the last thing any business wants is a mad rushed panic in January 2020 as you desperately install Windows 10 across your machines.

A far more measured approach, working well in advance of the deadline, enables you to spread the costs and ensure that all of your PCs and laptops have been moved over from Windows 7. It will also allow you to budget for updating any machines that are outdated and may not transition over to a new operating system.

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