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Working From Home? Here Are The 3 Things You Should Be Doing to Protect Your Business.

Work from home IT support

Working From Home? Here Are The 3 Things You Should Be Doing to Protect Your Business.

With no end in sight to lockdown, working from home looks as though it might be here to stay for some of us for a little longer.  Remote working can expose your business to additional risks if you don’t have the same privacy and security protocols in place as you do in the office.  This checklist will give you the minimum criteria your teams should be using while working from home.

Secure your Wi-Fi

There are several ways that you can make your home Wi-Fi more secure.

  • Outdated router firmware, especially when coupled with insecure internet-connected appliances (think Ring doorbells, baby monitors, etc.) can offer hackers a way into your Wi-Fi connection. Most routers can be updated by visiting the routers IP address and access credential.
  • If you are still using your routers default credentials, you should change the password to something more secure   Read our blog on selecting the most secure passwords. We also recommend that you are using WPA2 wireless encryption.
  • Disconnect any unnecessary devices that use a WIFI connection.  Ring doorbells and baby monitors are just two of the devices that have been in the news recently following attacks by hackers.

Secure Your Vulnerable Data.

Your data can be vulnerable when you are using the internet. From cookies which track your browsing activities to sophisticated criminal attacks your business data and personal information could be a risk

Update your operating system.

  • Make sure you are using the latest operating system for your machine. Developers release new versions frequently to prevent bugs and enhance security. Make sure all your hardware solutions and other solutions are running compatible software before updating your operating system.


Allteks can provide remote support for your business during COVID-19 lockdown. Offering fully managed IT solutions, IT consultation and IT project-specific report. If you have furloughed your IT support staff, we can provide IT support to ensure your business remains safe and secure.

Allteks specialises in creating and managing bespoke IT infrastructure.  We support solutions to businesses across Kent, London, Surrey, Essex, Sussex and the rest of the UK. We offer market-leading managed IT service provider, offering IT support and solutions to businesses large and small.

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